WellBody Gyn Care

Discover holistic care with Sierra Homebirth’s WellBody Gyn Care, where we blend a warm, personal environment with thorough health services. From in-depth health history reviews to sensitive exams, our 60-minute visits are crafted for your comfort and overall well-being. Embrace a healthcare experience where you feel understood, valued, and truly cared for in every aspect of your wellness journey.

Holistic Approach To Your Health

Embracing Your Wellbeing

Embracing Your Wellbeing

Step into a space where warmth meets wellness. Our WellBody Gyn Care surrounds you with a nurturing environment, making every aspect of your health journey feel embraced and respected.

Tailored Health Understanding

Tailored Health Understanding

Dive into thorough care that listens to your story. From an in-depth review of your health history to personalized exams, we focus on the full spectrum of your wellbeing.

Conscious Care for Every Body

Conscious Care for Every Body

Experience inclusive and thoughtful care that covers essential health screenings, contraception counseling, and embraces the diversity of all individuals in a supportive, LGBTQ+ friendly space.

WellBody Gyn Care

At Sierra Homebirth, our WellBody GynCare service offers a unique and holistic health experience. We understand the importance of proactive health maintenance and provide personalized body care in a setting that prioritizes your comfort and well-being.

Every aspect of our 60 minute WellBody GynCare visit is tailored to offer you a holistic and respectful overview of your gynecological health. Our aim is to provide care that not only addresses your physical needs but also supports your overall well-being in a nurturing and inclusive environment.

What is included in WellBody Gyn Care?

Personalized, Warm Environment

Unlike the cold, clinical settings of typical doctor’s offices, our space is warm and welcoming, ensuring you feel comfortable and heard during your visit.

In-Depth Medical History Review

We take the time to thoroughly understand your health history, tailoring our approach to meet your unique needs.

Physical Exam

Our physical exams are detailed and mindful, focusing on your overall health and well-being.

Pap Test and Breast/Chest Exam

Essential for early detection and health monitoring, these important exams are conducted with utmost sensitivity and attention to your comfort.

STI Screening and Lab Work

We offer a range of screening options and lab work to provide a complete picture of your sexual and overall health.

Contraception Review

We provide thoughtful guidance on contraception options, helping you make informed decisions about your reproductive health.

LGBTQ+ Friendly Healthcare

Inclusivity is at the heart of our care, welcoming and respecting all individuals and their unique healthcare needs.

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