Comprehensive Homebirth
Midwifery Care

As midwives, we are committed to using our training and life experiences to promote health in the birthing family through comprehensive and individualized care during the prenatal period, labor, birth, and postpartum. Our midwifery model of care reflects a holistic approach to childbirth and family wellness, ensuring homebirth services in Grass Valley and midwife assisted childbirth in the Sierra foothills.

Comprehensive Care Package

Prenatal Care

Prenatal Care

Personalized prenatal appointments ensures consistent support and home environment preparation, establishing a strong foundation for a healthy and confident birth journey.

Care During Labor & Delivery

Care During Labor & Delivery

Experience a birth that is true to your vision, supported by our devoted midwives who provide professional, flexible care tailored to your unique labor and birthing needs.

Postpartum Care

Postpartum Care

From the intimate first day to the supportive follow-up visits, our thorough postpartum care embraces your family's well-being, ensuring a nurturing transition into new parenthood.

Prenatal Care​

Pregnancy is a journey of transformation — a time when your life is filled with the gentle stirrings of new beginnings. As your midwife, I’m here to walk beside you on this path, offering a nurturing hand and a listening ear. It’s a time for us to grow together, building a bond of trust that will bloom beautifully into the moment you hold your baby for the first time.

Our visits are more than check-ups; they’re warm chats where we celebrate the little milestones and navigate the changes with ease and understanding. We’ll talk about nutrition, wellness, and any little question you might have — all in simple, easy-to-understand conversations. Think of me not just as a caregiver, but as a trusted companion who believes in the strength and natural grace of your body’s wisdom in childbirth.

Our shared goal is to make sure you feel informed, cared for, and empowered, so that when the day comes, you step into motherhood feeling confident and supported. With every gentle heartbeat and every fluttering kick, know that you’re surrounded by care that’s as natural as the process of life itself.

Prenatal Visits

  • Once a month from your first visit until 28 weeks of pregnancy
  • Every two weeks from 28 weeks to 36 weeks of pregnancy
  • Weekly from 36 weeks until the birth of your baby
  • Additional appointments can be made as necessary.

Loved ones are always a welcome part of prenatal visits, should you wish for their support and presence.

Embracing a holistic approach to health, I focus on nurturing the whole self with good nutrition, hydration, movement, and emotional well-being, aiming to address the root of health concerns holistically.

Your Prenatal Care

  • Risk assessment
  • Health history and physical exam intake
  • Regular physical assessment, including
    • assessment of blood pressure
    • pulse
    • weight
    • fundal height
    • fetal position
    • fetal heart tones
    • urinalysis
    • physical conditions and complaints
    • vaginal exams when desired or indicated
  • Nutritional discussion and analysis
  • Some diagnostic testing, including
    • Blood work
    • Urine cultre
    • Gestational diabetes screening
    • STI screening
    • GBS screening
  • Birth education and preparation
  • Newborn care education
  • Resources and referrals
  • Spinning babies demonstration and teaching for optimal pelvic and fetal alignment in the last trimester
  • Plenty of time to answer all your questions and check in on your experience of pregnancy, whether that be physical, emotional, social, or spiritual.

Care During Labor and Delivery

In the cozy sanctuary of your own home, surrounded by love and familiar comforts, we’ll welcome your baby together.

We will support you in creating the personalized birth experience you desire. Our attentive midwifery team will attend the birth once active labor begins or earlier, if needed. Prior to active labor we will be in touch with you via mobile. 

Once we arrive at your home for your birth, we will monitor the health of you and your baby by checking vital signs, fetal heart tones, confirming fetal position, monitoring nourishment, hydration, and output, and cervical dilation checks when necessary or desired.  To the extent that it is deemed safe, you may give birth in the position and place of your choice, and you may determine the level of our involvement in the birth.

Although most home births can occur spontaneously and proceed best without intervention. As midwives, we are there to offer guidance, assistance, and midwifery support as needed, such as preventing perineal tears or managing a shoulder dystocia.

On occasion, complications can arise during birth in any setting, even in low risk situations. We carry emergency equipment, including oxygen and resuscitation equipment, hemorrhage medications, and IV supplies, so we can respond to and appropriately manage a complication should one occur.

If needed, we can start an IV, suture a tear, and perform resuscitation.  If a complication develops that would be most safely managed within a hospital setting, we will recommend transport and accompany you throughout the birth as planned.

After the baby is born, we will be responsible for checking the newborn’s condition, monitoring you and the birth of the placenta, amount of blood loss, and checking the placenta.  Delayed cord camping is our standard of care, aligning with our holistic approach to childbirth and family wellness.

In the early postpartum, we will perform a newborn exam and procedures if desired, and continue monitoring the health of you and your baby, ensuring the highest standards of postpartum care. We will remain for 2 to 3 hours after the birth, ensuring that you have eaten, your baby has successfully breastfed, and you are both comfortably settled and stable.

Our care reflects the dedicated attention of a holistic and attentive midwifery team, ensuring you and your baby receive the best care in the comfort of your home.

What can I expect during labor?

Postpartum Care

To continue with our high standards of personalized and attentive midwifery care, we also provide three at-home postpartum visits: the first visit will be 1 day postpartum. We will come to your home, ensuring a seamless transition in your postpartum care.

The second visit will be on day 3 or 4, and the third at home visit will be between days 7 and 10 postpartum. Two in-office postpartum visits will also be scheduled at three and six weeks. Additional visits will be provided if there are any problems that need additional monitoring or assessment, embodying our role as holistic and attentive midwives dedicated to your family’s health and wellness.

Your Postpartum Care

  • Assessing the newborn:
    • vitals
    • body systems
    • umbilical healing
    • output
    • and nursing
  • Assessing the postpartum client:
    • vitals
    • uterine size
    • bleeding
    • perineal condition and healing
    • pain
    • breastfeeding
    • bonding
    • emotional well-being
  • Special attention and support will be offered to help establish successful breastfeeding.
  • A newborn screen and critical congenital heart disease screen will be performed if desired.
  • Pap Smears and contraception counseling will be offered at the final postpartum visit for the price of lab work with no additional charge. Labs fees can be billed to your insurance

Our care does not include fees for lab work, birth kit, birth tub rental, physician consultation, hospital care, or ultrasounds, ensuring transparency in our midwifery services. Lab fees and ultrasounds are generally covered by most insurance plans.

  • You have the right to be accompanied by the persons of your choice to any visit, whether it’s for prenatal care or postpartum care.
  • You have the right to a copy of any of your records and additional medical opinions, reflecting our commitment to open communication and informed choice, especially for those considering home birth, water birth.
  • Most importantly, you have the right to ask questions and to express your needs, as we strive to provide a holistic and attentive midwife experience throughout your journey with us.

Have questions? Lets Talk

Every question about your upcoming birth is a step towards confidence. We’re here to listen and guide you. Let’s talk about how we can support your birthing experience.

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