Postpartum Care

Embrace the gentle transition into motherhood with Sierra Homebirth’s Postpartum Care. Our home visits provide nurturing support and expert assessments for both mother and baby, ensuring your new family receives the attention and care needed during this tender time.

Postpartum Support At Home

Breastfeeding Support

Breastfeeding Support

Empowering Your Breastfeeding Journey with Confidence. Our midwifery team brings empathy and expertise right to your doorstep, providing personalized nursing support in the comfort of your home.

Infant Care Guidance

Infant Care Guidance

Providing guidance and support for new parents, we provide essential tips and techniques for infant care to ease your parenthood journey.

Holistic Assessments

Holistic Assessments

Rest assured with thorough assessments for both mother and baby, focusing on physical health, emotional well-being.

Postpartum Care​

At Sierra Homebirth, our midwives understand that the journey of motherhood extends beyond the hospital room. Are you planning a hospital birth but desiring additional support in the comfort and privacy of your own home? 

We offer thorough home postpartum visits for families with new babies. Our postpartum care service is designed to provide full maternal and newborn assessments, ensuring both you and baby receive the care and attention needed during this significant transition.

At Sierra Homebirth, we believe in providing a service that goes beyond clinical care; it’s about nurturing and supporting you during one of the most transformative times of your life. Our home postpartum visits are tailored to offer you a blend of professional healthcare and heartfelt support, ensuring that you and baby are not just cared for, but truly looked after in every sense.

What is included in Postpartum Care?

Breastfeeding Support and Guidance

Navigating breastfeeding can be challenging. Our experienced midwives offer compassionate support and practical guidance to help you and your baby establish a comfortable and successful breastfeeding relationship.

Baby Care Assistance

Our holistic midwives are here to help you with baby care, offering advice and assistance as you get to know and care for your newborn. From bathing to soothing techniques, we ensure you feel confident in your new role.

Newborn Assessment

Our midwives conduct thorough assessments of your baby, including checking vital signs, monitoring weight, input and output, and observing umbilical healing. This approach ensures your baby’s health and well-being are attentively monitored.

Maternal Assessment

Your health is just as important. Our midwifery team assess vital signs, uterus and bleeding, perineal healing, and breast health. This helps in ensuring your physical recovery is on track.

Maternal Emotional Assessment

As hormones change, postpartum is a time of emotional change. We provide a sensitive and understanding assessment of your emotional well-being, offering support and resources as needed.

Answering Your Questions

Every new parent has questions, and our midwives are here to answer them. From postpartum recovery to baby care, we provide the information and reassurance you need to navigate this new chapter confidently.

Have questions? Lets Talk

Every question about your upcoming birth is a step towards confidence. We’re here to listen and guide you. Let’s talk about how we can support your birthing experience.

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