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Meet our dedicated team of midwives, each bringing their unique expertise and compassionate care to support your natural birth journey. Get to know the hearts and minds behind Sierra Homebirth, committed to empowering and guiding families through the transformative experience of childbirth.

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Hi, I'm Jessica Mairs

When I was eighteen, I came upon a homebirth and water birth website, and immediately understood my clear calling to be a midwife.  At that moment of first exposure, it made complete sense to me that being a midwife would be my life’s work.  At that time, I was enrolled at Humboldt State University and I decided to complete my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and French, with an emphasis on women studies, child development, and human sexuality.

After graduating from Humboldt State in 2002, I enrolled at Birthingway College of Midwifery, a three-year, comprehensive, homebirth midwifery training program.  Birthingway is a top-quality school accredited by MEAC, the Midwives Education Accreditation Council. My education at Birthingway was didactic, combining lecture and theory with hands-on skill building.   I received extensive and comprehensive training covering both normal and complex situations during the childbearing year.  In addition, I have had in depth training in herbal medicine and other alternative therapies.

In my third year of midwifery studies, I gave birth to my daughter Clara Star at home, in the water, experiencing firsthand the transformative and powerful nature of birth.  Since then, I have been refining the art of balancing mothering with midwifing: my two blessed jobs.

After completing my education at Birthingway in 2006, I moved back to California to begin my apprenticeship.  The following year, I became pregnant with my second daughter, Emma, and had another sweet, smooth, intense home water birth. 

This time, I was also attended by my two-year-old daughter, who climbed into the tub just after her sister’s birth, as we all soaked together in what was the most moving and glorious moment of my life.  There, I experienced a profound wholeness that deeply influences my commitment to offering “family centered” midwifery services.

I had the opportunity to train with four different midwives, witnessing various practice styles and strengths. In 2011, I obtained my certified professional midwife (CPM) and California state midwifery license (LM), and opened Sierra Homebirth, a full-service midwifery practice in Grass Valley, fulfilling a long-time dream of mine. I have offered extensive prenatal and postpartum care and have attended over 400 births, most of which occurred at home. In addition, I love offering compassionate and gentle well-person gyn care. I am a member of several professional organizations: MANA, CAM, and CALM, and am certified in adult, infant, and neonatal resuscitation.  In addition, I also helped found and am a board member of the non-profit Nevada County Midwives Collective.

My practice, Sierra Homebirth, is the culmination of over 400 births attended and a testament to my commitment to family-centered services. I bring a unique blend of thorough prenatal and postpartum care, well-person gynecological support, and a nurturing presence. My deep belief in the transformative power of birth shapes my mission to support and empower families on their journey.

Join me in celebrating the beauty of birth, the strength of mothers, and the beginning of new life, all in the comfort of your home.

"Midwives view the miracle of birth as not just creating new life, but also nurturing strong, capable mothers who trust in their inner strength​"

-Jessica Mairs

Gabrielle Monroe

Midwife Assistant

I have always been drawn to birth from a very young age. Every facet of pregnancy, birth and postpartum fascinates me.

I began with a labor doula course in 2016 and continued to educate myself on everything birth, including an Ayurvedic postpartum doula course in 2019.

After giving birth to my son in 2022, I knew I was ready to dive more into the birth world and began training to be a certified birth assistant.

I am NRP certified as well as CRP certified. I have been attending births as a midwife assistant with Sierra homebirth for over a year now.

It’s such an honor to witness women bringing their children into the world and I hold this sacred process with great reverence.

Stefania Gray-Powers

Student Midwife Apprentice

I graduated as a nurse in 2014 in Italy and started my journey as a NICU nurse in the United Kingdom, but soon enough I realized that was not my soul purpose. I always felt the call to create something in balance with nature and the feminine power.

After two years in Mexico, focusing on a project that provided free basic care to marginalized communities, I witnessed many pregnant women without any care. It was at that time I realized how much I wanted to be connected to ancestral knowledge and support pregnant women. 

Upon moving to California, I became a Certified Herbalist and studied under renowned herbalist Rosemary Gladstar. In 2017 I went on a long trip to Thailand and India. In Thailand I focused on strengthening my 15 years yoga practice and began my training in Reiki, obtaining my level two certification. 

Living in an Ashram in India I focused on the foundations of meditation, Vipassana and Krya breathing, as well as Ayurveda practices, from massages to nutrition.

After having my own pregnancy and going through the magical journeys of labor and breastfeeding, I was finally ready to follow my calling. I am currently enrolled at the National College of Midwifery and excited to be working as an apprentice midwife at Sierra Homebirth.

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