Philosophy of Care

Discover the transformative power of birth with Sierra Homebirth, where we champion the natural, healthy process of pregnancy and birth. Embrace a care philosophy rooted in trust, respect, and the empowerment of personal choice, guided by the principles of low intervention and deep respect for the sacred journey of childbirth.

Birth can be joyful, creative, transformative, and empowering.

At Sierra Homebirth, we believe that pregnancy and birth are healthy and normal processes that, in most cases, do not require hospital care. We believe women labor and birth most effectively and joyfully with low amounts of interference or disruption. Pregnancy and birth are times of sacred transformation, for the woman, baby, and family as a whole. 

Homebirth can provide an opportunity to grow personally, emotionally, and spiritually. The transition to parenthood almost always demands change in those who embark on this journey. Birth can be joyful, creative, transformative, and empowering.

We believe having a continuous relationship with your care provider is essential to building the trust and comfort that promotes a smooth birth.

Our intention is to support you and your family’s process in this journey, whatever that looks like. We have a deep respect and trust for this process, and in a woman’s innate knowledge and wisdom of her body and baby. We honor personal decision-making and individual choices by offering informed choice as a primary component of our midwifery care.

Throughout the course of pregnancy, we work with our clients to nurture their natural strength and knowing, allowing them to give birth with confidence and trust in their bodies. We are committed to serving families of all backgrounds and of all income levels, making midwifery care accessible to more women. 

We work with clients who have experienced barriers to receiving compassionate health care due to classism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, racism, ableism, or any other cause. We are grateful to be a part of your childbearing experience and look forward to establishing a trusting and fulfilling relationship with you during this time of growth and transformation.

Our Mission Statement

At Sierra Homebirth, we value creating a relationship of trust by providing women and their families with individualized, compassionate care during the childbearing year. We facilitate personal, informed decision-making through the midwifery model of care and evidence-based practices. 

We recognize that birth is a natural process and strive to create an undisturbed, private, and safe environment through the attendance of your trusted birth attendants, utilizing the lowest amount of interventions possible with respect to the well-being of the mother, baby, and family.

We are homebirth midwives because of our love and respect for women and babies, and our desire to see them experience the birth process in a manner that honors their dignity and power.

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At Sierra Homebirth, we understand that birth is not just about bringing a new life into the world — it’s about empowering you to become strong, competent, and confident in your inner strength. Start your personalized birth experience with us today.

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