Aurelia’s Testimonial


When my husband and I found out we were pregnant with our first baby we were already thinking of having a home birth. We did not know anyone that had had a home birth and we were a bit clueless as to how it would work, but it felt right and we knew that in the hands of a capable and caring midwife we could have an incredible and intimate birth experience.

We were very lucky to meet Jessica through another midwife early in my pregnancy and she became a part of our birthing team (as my husband and I began to refer to it). It was clear from the beginning that Jessica was a gifted midwife and was absolutely in tune with a pregnant woman’s mental and physical journey.

My prenatal care was totally outstanding. In addition to the regular medical needs of a growing mother and baby, I was given personalized attention and encouragement. Jessica was very patient and available, and she always met all of our questions with wise, honest, and thorough answers. Her genuine interest and devotion to my individual experience was something that I never expected; not only did she make me feel extremely comfortable at our visits but she had a great depth of knowledge on pregnancy and birthing.

At the birth itself it seemed as though she could read my thoughts. She offered kind and generous words when my mind needed it, she offered replenishment when my body needed it, and most importantly she watched over our daughter as I labored to bring her into this world. After my daughter was born Jessica tended to both of us, ensuring that we were equally healthy and stable. Although my actual labor and birth went fantastic, I was unable to deliver my placenta and Jessica very quickly went through our options and handled the situation calmly and efficiently. I could not have asked for a better midwife.

Jessica visited our home after the birth to check on me and our baby. Having these home visits after the birth was invaluable. Her gentle nature was always reassuring and welcomed in our home, and to this day I find her to be a precious resource.

I truly feel blessed to have met such an amazing person. In my opinion, a midwife should be tender, perceptive, knowledgeable, skilled, comforting, patient, and almost psychic with what a laboring mother needs. And Jessica is all of these things and more.