As I have gotten to know each of the women at Sierra Home Birth, I am continually impressed by the wonderful strengths and skills that each of them bring to child birth and the journey of prenatal and postpartum care. With so many choices that need to be made along the way, they provided the full spectrum of options and encouraged my ability as a mother to choose what is best for me and my child. Throughout the process but especially during child birth, Jessica’s calm, loving, and mothering presence is coupled by her vast knowledge, keen judgement, and reassurance. Jessica has a true gift and it shone so brightly as I labored through the birth of my child. Melanya’s strong grasp of the issues concerning pregnancy and her easy going demeanor allowed for open discussions concerning difficult decisions. She always made the extra effort to connect me to mothers, community members, and service providers in the area. Cara, their apprentice, has an unwavering ability to listen and provide comforting support. She will make an amazing midwife someday soon. Many thanks to all of the beautiful women at Sierra Home Birth! My family is better to have had you share in our lives!