Kristine Hernandez

Kristine Hernandez’s Testimonial


Jessica Mairs was my first choice as a midwife during my first pregnancy. I don’t know if it was her extensive knowledge of pregnancy and birth, her tenacity to pursue midwifery certification while raising two young children with the loving support of her husband, or perhaps her deep reverence for the beauty and mystery of natural birth. I knew Jessica as a casual friend, and I witnessed, first-hand, her commitment to natural mothering. She had told me the stories of the births of her own children, both delivered at home. I also knew that she was practical and safe, and I felt secure that she would know when and if hospital transport would be necessary. I knew that this woman could offer me a safe, respectful, and loving alternative to a hospital birth.

Over the course of my pregnancy Jessica provided me with personalized care that included all of the standard medical procedures. I received the same care that an ob/gyn would provide, however my relationship with Jessica was quite different. From the start she treated me as an equal. We were women coming together to partake in a miracle, and that miracle was coming through me. Jessica never pressured me to do anything that didn’t feel right for me or my baby. During the entire pregnancy I was given the utmost respect and control over my body, my emotions, and my environment. Jessica protected and supported me throughout. She provided physical and emotional co

My husband and I had an awesome birth experience. I felt safe, loved, and supported. During labor, Jessica allowed me to do whatever I needed, while gently offering suggestions. Ultimately, it was my birth, but I could never have had such an empowering without the support and guidance provided by Jessica Mairs. She was my navigator on the journey through birth, and my baby arrived safely, lovingly, and consciously. A baby was born, and my family was transformed. I came through the experience a Mother, my husband became a Father, and we, with our baby, share a deep, timeless bond that came from a deep personal sacrifice. Our birth experience was both grounded and transcendent.

Jessica, I could never thank you enough for everything you did for me and my family. We love you dearly and we look forward to sharing our next birth experience with you.

Kristine Hernandez