Danette’s Testimonial


In 2012 my husband and I decided to uproot ourselves from everything we’ve ever known and took a leap of faith journey across the country with our then two year old and four year old. Five days after we landed in CA we were shocked to discover we were pregnant with our third child. Prior to our move, I was a nurse in labor and delivery and I was blessed to have two wonderful natural hospital births surrounded by loving and supportive medical staff that were like family to us. But this time I knew instantly that I would choose a homebirth. I asked around about midwives and called a few. The moment I talked to Jessica on the phone and explained our situation, I knew that they would be the ones to help us on our journey. I did not know, however, how much they would bless our lives and that they would teach me so much more about pregnancy, co-creating, and birth than I already knew. They supported my family and I in ways that go beyond pregnancy and birth. Our family is so blessed to have these beautiful people in our lives, and Sierra Homebirth will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

Jeremiah Sage Selassie Davis

Born into love at home