Kristine Hernandez

“Over the course of my pregnancy Jessica provided me with personalized care that included all of the standard medical procedures. … I felt safe, loved, and supported.”
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“It was clear from the beginning that Jessica was a gifted midwife and was absolutely in tune with a pregnant woman’s mental and physical journey. … After my daughter was born Jessica tended to both of us, ensuring that we were equally healthy and stable.”
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“Prior to this pregnancy I had two hospital births where I felt I was not supported or allowed to be an active participant. … Jessica, Melanya and Cara are all thoughtful and intuitive care providers. During my pregnancy I was encouraged to be involved in my care and make decisions based on what was right for our family.”
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“I deeply appreciate the complete presence these women held for the birth of our son. … When questions or complications arose, they were knowledgeable and swift to care for me.”
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“I was a nurse in labor and delivery and I was blessed to have two wonderful natural hospital births surrounded by loving and supportive medical staff that were like family to us. … The moment I talked to Jessica on the phone and explained our situation, I knew that they would be the ones to help us on our journey. … They supported my family and I in ways that go beyond pregnancy and birth.”
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“Throughout the process but especially during child birth, Jessica’s calm, loving, and mothering presence is coupled by her vast knowledge, keen judgement, and reassurance. … Melanya’s strong grasp of the issues concerning pregnancy and her easy going demeanor allowed for open discussions concerning difficult decisions. … Cara, their apprentice, has an unwavering ability to listen and provide comforting support.”
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