Monitrice Services

A monitrice is a care provider who offers all the services that doulas offer, such as physical, informational, and emotional support during labor, but who also has medical training and experience in pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Often a monitrice is a trained midwife or nurse. Because of this training, a monitrice can perform clinical tasks in labor such as assessing fetal heart tones, maternal vital signs, and performing vaginal exams. Monitrices work with clients who are receiving prenatal care from another provider and who are planning a hospital birth. With the additional skills and experience of a monitrice, a laboring woman can potentially stay home deeper into the labor process before going to the hospital.

A monitrice is a perfect choice if you desire to safely labor longer at home or want an advocate and guide for a natural and vaginal birth.


Monitrice Services Include

Prenatal Visits

I offer 2 one-hour and a half hour prenatal visits so we can get to know one another, discuss your birth hopes and priorities, answer questions, and discuss the labor and birth process. Additional prenatal visits at available if desired.

Birth Attendance

I come to you in labor when you are in or approaching active labor (~4cm). I stay with you at your house and monitor fetal heart tones and can perform vaginal exams when needed. I am here to help you navigate the labor process, to help you find your rhythm and relax into the labor process. I will offer support in whatever ways you are needing. When appropriate for the individual woman, I will help you transfer care to the hospital (no later than 8cm). At this point I stay with you, but in the role of a doula only. I do not have hospital privileges to continue any kind of clinical care. I will stay with you until birth and the first hour postpartum. One exception is if a woman decides to get an epidural and sleep, I will go home to rest and return closer to birth.

Postpartum Care

I offer two home postpartum visits where we provide full postpartum assessment of the client and baby, including breastfeeding assessment and support, well baby care, and postpartum recovery assessment.